Anna Williams

Chronic Dry Eye Community Advocate Anna WilliamsAnna is a mom to two teenage girls, one dog and four cats. She and her girls can be found volunteering in their community of New Albany, IN. They work with a local animal rescue league and serve coffee at the church cafe. Anna also leads a chronic pain class at church as a part of Care Night.

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Her journey with dry eye began a few years ago, but she struggled to get the care she needed. Finally, at the beginning of 2021, she was officially diagnosed with chronic dry eye and blepharitis. As a patient advocate, she realized she wasn't alone in getting proper treatment and hopes her experience can help others navigate more easily.

She has been working in migraine and cluster headache patient advocacy since 2019. She experiences migraine disease, chronic cluster disease, trigeminal neuralgia, and SUNCT in addition to chronic dry eye. She advocates alongside several organizations in her work, with Migraine Meanderings (www.migrainemeanderings) being her home. Helping others make connections and find the resources they need to have better conversations with their doctors is her passion.

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