Ava Meena

Chronic Dry Eye Community Advocate Ava MeenaAva began experiencing dry eyes shortly after being diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2017. She saw doctor after doctor, but none of them were able to help her manage her symptoms. Not one to give up, she found creative lifestyle solutions, such as wearing motorcycle goggles while driving.

At times, eye dryness prevented Ava from working, reading, driving, or simply watching a movie with her husband. The dryness and inflammation even caused eye damage. Eventually, she was able to find doctors that offered a wide range of effective dry eye treatments, but the process took years.

Ava felt lost as she went through these struggles, and she wants to help create awareness for better dry eye resources and support. It’s her privilege to take part in this community and help others going through similar situations. Many people use their eyes all day long for vital parts of their life, and keeping them healthy should be an essential part of our healthcare experience.

Ava writes from her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and their two sons. Additionally, she shares her health journey on lupus.net and her blog My Meena Life.

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