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Dry Eye Specialist

Is anyone having their dry eyes treated by a doctor who is a chronic dry eye specialist? Have the dry eye specialist's treatments helped you more than those of a general ophthalmologist? Wendy, Advocate.

  1. I have seen many doctors over the years and only one promoted themselves as a dry eye specialist. Unfortunately, that one doctor didn't want to run anything through insurance and things didn't work out due to her sketchy practices and expensive appointments.

    Since then, I've found a few different doctors who are comfortable treating it but wouldn't necessarily promote themselves as specialists. But they know about many different techniques and have been able to help me try different things. I've found that it's more helpful to have an open minded doctor than one who considers themselves an ultra specialist. When I searched for dry eye centers or specialists, I ran into all sorts of issues with doctors who wanted to try things that I couldn't pay for (hopefully one day these newer treatments will be covered by insurance, but until then it's a no go for me).

    My advice would be to find a more general eye doctor that's familiar with the condition and willing to listen and try new things. Easier said than done, of course! Thanks for starting this discussion. -Ava, team

    1. thanks for your reply. I think you're correct that the doctor's knowledge of, and attitude towards, chronic dry eye, are more important than their title. Wendy, Advocate.

  2. Dry eye is often thought of and described as a disease, when in
    fact it is a series, a collection, a variety of dry eye diseases that vary in the
    diagnosis, prognosis and therapy needed for best result. For this reason it is
    difficult if not impossible to make accurate comments about "dry eye" until the
    determination is made as to what the type of dry eye you have. Got example,
    it might be due to an autoimmune condition such as Sjogren's, or it may be due
    to ocular rosacea, or possibly decreasing androgen levels that have come about
    with aging. This means that beyond determining "if" a patient has a dry eye
    condition, we would like to determine "why" the person is suffering; what is the
    source of their problem. When this is determined, the chances for alleviating the
    symptoms and arriving at good management is much greater. If you wish to
    dialogue more on this, simply reply and I will periodically check for responses.
    M Dieter, O.D.

    1. I appreciate your professional knowledge and experience in this area, and I thank you for your detailed reply. What you say makes perfect sense - I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you very much for your input. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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