The Importance of Discipline with Dry Eye Treatment

Recently, I had my yearly checkup at my eye doctor, and as much of a pain it can be, a lot of good came from it as well, thankfully.

Dealing with a long appointment

I have quite the case and deal with corneal scarring, keratoconus, chronic dry eye, and retinal degeneration. This means I’m supposed to go to two separate specialists. This includes both a cornea/contact lens and retina specialist.

Thankfully, my doctor was kind enough to fit both into the same day so I wouldn’t have to drive to Chicago two days, as I live in the suburbs. This meant that my appointment was much longer than usual though. I ended up spending about 2.5 hours in the office, doing various tests to make sure everything is still okay.

However, the long visit there was very much worth it by the end.

Hope on the horizon

To my surprise, by the end of the visit, the doctor told me that my eye looks less hazy and much healthier than it did when I first started seeing them. In other words: also since I started wearing a scleral lens and my current treatment. I knew that the scleral lens was helping me be able to see well again (obviously!). However, I didn’t know it would be reversing some damage as well, in a way. I was quite surprised to hear that, although extremely grateful.

This truly gave me hope in regard to my journey with chronic dry eye and other health conditions. While I know I won’t magically cure my eye damage and eyesight, it’s very empowering to know that some damage CAN be reversed.

I truly am a believer that our body has an innate wisdom within it. Just like all of nature, it is always trying to bring itself back to a state of balance. While it may not happen overnight, even some of the worst afflictions can heal, or at least become more manageable.

After a 2.5-hour appointment, we all just want good news and relief. Now, I’m free for another year, provided nothing else happens in the meantime. (Fingers crossed!)

Continuing the journey

Of course, I still have to continue to deal with the chronic dry eye symptoms and do everything to manage it as much as I possibly can. This includes using my Bruder mask daily, two different kinds of lubrication eye drops, and of course my scleral lens. It feels like so much work sometimes, admittedly. But, when I think about it at the end of the day, it’s very much worth protecting my eyes and vision. It is something I certainly didn't know I took for granted once upon a time, before having all these issues.

Overall, the appointment was not nearly as scary as I always seem to think it will be. While it was long and took up most of my day, at least it’s only once a year. And most importantly, I still have my vision.

So, no matter where you are at your journey, make sure you continue to go to those checkup appointments regularly, and continue to take care of your eyes and body. The daily dedication, discipline, and persistence does pay off. And after all, who else will do it if we don’t?

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