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Dry Eye Care Package Giveaway

Join us here at ChronicDryEye.net for our first giveaway! Enter to win a fun prize while connecting with your very own dry eye community.

We are giving away 1 dry eye care package containing a $50 Visa gift card and a dry eye sleep mask. The prize will be awarded at random to a community member who completes 1 or both of the tasks in our scavenger hunt. Keep reading to find out more about our giveaway and learn how you can enter.

How to enter

  • Post a question you have about chronic dry eye in our forum discussion.
  • To receive a bonus entry, go to your profile and post a Status Update about how you are feeling today!

Each person may receive 1 entry and 1 bonus entry.

You will have to become a member to participate, so make sure you are logged in, or create an account!

Have questions about completing some of these tasks? We are here to help! Email us at contact@chronicdryeye.net.Please ensure all of your task submissions comply with our community rules before posting.

The giveaway ends on November 29, 2021, at 11:59 PM ET. Winners will be notified via email. Each winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before an alternate winner will be selected. For more information, please read our terms and conditions. Good luck!

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