My Conjunctivochalasis Surgery Experience

Yesterday I had the first of two surgeries to repair the conjunctiva which is the film over the cornea that sometimes sags and wrinkles.

I have it in both eyes and it has caused over a year of misery. My doctor said it's the only way to correct what's happened to my poor dry eyes.

Conjectivochalasis surgery fears

I was very apprehensive about the surgery. Oh boy, I read all about it and when he said he will not only sew the membrane but also will staple it to ensure it grafts perfect, I almost backed out.

I didn't and the surgery was very easy.

I was given a mild sedative to calm me and I know he must have done something to my eye to numb it but I didn't feel that.

I was awake during the entire procedure and heard all the conversations they were having. It was not painful and it didn't take but about 20 minutes and I was back in recovery.

What is post-surgery like?

The recovery was very brief about 30 minutes and I was discharged to my ride home.

When I got home my eye was covered with a shield that doctor said I could remove at home and to only put it on when I was sleeping.

I had no pain until around 9 that evening so I took Tylenol and Ibuprofin and had a good night's sleep.

The next morning I went back to see the doctor and he said everything looked good and to continue with the two different drops he provided. One is an antibiotic which is used 3 times a day and the other is a mysterious vial that I received at his office and it's to be kept in the fridge and used every 2 hours 8 AM to 8 PM.

My eye is a bit tired and a bit sore but otherwise it seems ok. This is only less than 48 hours out but I'm encouraged by the fact that I see clearly despite the contact lens that is over the membrane graft.

I hope this has helped anyone who is thinking of having the procedure. I'm thinking positive thoughts about its outcome and looking forward to the other eye being done.

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