My Experience With Dry Eye Syndrome

My dry eye story started a few years ago. At that time, my ability to see clearly was beginning to become more difficult, but I wear glasses, and I just thought I would need a new prescription at my next check-up.

A surprise dry eye diagnosis

It turns out that by the time I went to my next optometrist check-up, I explained that I just couldn’t see like I used to. I was extremely concerned because I’m being monitored for glaucoma too. I got very assertive in that appointment because I just knew something was wrong, and I was very concerned. I even had to use a magnifying glass for reading and watching TV.

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My dry eye symptoms

They did an eye exam, and I didn’t need a new prescription for my glasses. The optometrist could also see signs of dry eye during the exam, so they tested me for dry eye. It turned out that was the reason I could not see very well. Meanwhile, my eyes were dry, itchy, burning, sore, and irritated, and I could barely see out of them. They became droopy because I couldn’t stand to have a lot of light shining on them. My eyes were almost always half closed a lot of the time.

The eye clinic I go to has a dry eye specialist in their office, so that was the next step. I was referred to her, and she diagnosed me with dry eye and started me on some treatments. The treatments seem to be helping, but I have to be very diligent in taking them every day. I went through a round of antibiotics first while starting the other treatments.

Through being diligent in using my eye care treatments, I feel that I’m doing much better with my dry eyes. There are still days when they get dry, but it is not every day anymore. I am seeing much better, and I have a specialist to see if I need to.

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