My Muddy Eyes

Chronic dry eye poetry

Eyes Gone Wild With Sleep

I woke up with a pair of muddy eyes.
Today, out of all the other days in my life,
I woke up with a heaviness in my eyes.
I found it difficult to open them.
It was not possible to start a day like this.
I wondered if I was going blind.

I decided to stay put in bed
But the bloody alarm rang
The usual rooster morning call.
And today, out of all the other todays in my life,
It sounded like a troubled siren.

It rang and rang and shoved me out of bed.
In a fit of sorts, I opened my eyes
And saw in the reflection of my mirror—
My muddy eyes.

The above is a poem from my book 'Anything But This: Dealing with Migraine Sans Medicine.
Book Cover

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