Brooklyn Chick Needs Help

I survived breast cancer and treated myself years later with a facelift, including the upper eyelid. Who knew what would happen.

I also had cataract surgery with a corrective lens put in to help improve my vision without glasses. Which procedure caused this to happen. I don’t know but I’m miserable.

What can help my eyes feel better?

Tried every drop out there. Use heated pads for eyes in the a.m and p.m. There is a chronic film that just doesn’t go away permanently. I had the YAG procedure to clear the cataract lens of particles they call dust.

The film is still there.

I have had allergy testing and need to start with shots.

No clear consensus

I have had the kitchen sink thrown at me telling me things to do. Have seen two specialists. It’s crazy expensive and I can’t possibly keep all of this up. But I have tried. I can’t imagine living like this for the rest of my life at 65.

I constantly move my head around to try and see through the film cloudiness. Looking close and then far away - same nightmare.

Refresh Omega over the counter with flaxseed oil and castor oil is the only thing that stopped the particles on my eyes to stop forming on the outside of my eye.

Feeling alone and seeking solutions

Please ... is there a treatment, corrective surgery … something long-term that can help me?

Can anyone recommend a great dry eye specialist in NYC … preferably one that takes Medicare and supplement before I go broke?

Please any feedback will be so very appreciated. Does anyone suffer from similar issues?

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