The Only Eyedrops For Me

I started using Systane Ultra Eye Drops 10ml with composition (POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL 0.4 %+PROPYLENE GLYCOL 0.3 %) a few years ago for my dry eyes. I found it suitable for me. But it was too expensive as I found a lot of lubricants from other brands much cheaper.

Trial and error eye drops

So, I tried out a lot of them one by one.

All the eye drops without this chemical composition gave me red eyes and didn't help much with the dry eye condition.

And so I went back to Systane Ultra and now my eyes are not becoming reddish. Also, my screen time has reduced ... which is another reason for lesser redness.

Plus, I stopped driving car since 6 months which also used to give me red eyes as the strain used to be too much.

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