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A Day In the Life With Someone Who Has Chronic Dry Eye

In the morning I start my day off with using my bruder mask for 10 minutes. I find that it really helps my eyes and helps melt away some of the ointment I used from the previous night. Then it's time for a drop of Xiidra in both eyes. I will wait 5-10 minutes in between drops before instilling another drop. I have eye allergies so I will put that drop in. Next it's time for my first of 8 drops of autogolous serum drops, which are drops made from my own blood.

Throughout my day I am making sure I hydrate with half a gallon of water. Every hour on the hour I am still putting in my autogolous serum drops. Making sure I'm eating a healthy diet has helped me too.

At night time I will do another round of 10 minutes with my bruder mask. I will apply Xiidra again to both eyes and get ready to wash my face. Before I do that, I will use my Nulids device to clean my eyelids. Once I am in bed, I will apply my nighttime ointment. I usually apply a generous amount to get my through the night. Then it's time for my press and seal that I put directly over my eyes. I will put a regular silk mask over that to make sure it stays in place!

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