A person lounges at their computer and brings up a video on the screen by Amanda Gaskell.

Unboxing My Shipment of Autologous Serum Drops

In this video I am showing an unboxing of my autologous serum tears. I just had my blood drawn the day before and they arrived just in time so I could do a video.

I had my blood drawn just the day before and they are overnighted to me. I do have to be home for them to be delivered because they have to be frozen as soon as possible upon receiving them. This service is so helpful because I live in a rural area and the closest place to get my blood drawn specifically for these drops is 3.5 hour away.

A phlebotomist comes to my home, draws my blood and then heads to our small airport for them to be shipped off. It is a time sensitive thing and I get them shipped to me the next day!

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