Blinking Exercises and Dry Eye

One of the very first things that my dry eye specialist recommended was blinking exercises. I had no idea such exercise existed, but it sure does. She explained that since we are using our smartphones, computers and other digital devices so much more, our blinking tends to decrease. I was recently sitting next to my son who is 7 years old. I was watching him and his eyes; he was barely blinking! That really worried me, because I would never want him to experience such a battle like dry is.

The recommendation I heard is doing these blinking exercises 20 times a day. Which is not realistic for me, but there is a phone app called Donald Korb Blink Training which can be found in your app store. It lets you set reminders so they pop up on your phone.

As I do the blinking exercises, I can literally see the meibum oil on my waterline so I know it is pumping it when I blink hard. This has helped my eyes be more comfortable while on my smartphone.

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