My First Encounter With a Chalazion From Dry Eye

I have been fortunate enough in the past to not have experience with styes and chalazions, which can be common among us dry eye sufferers. That was until recently, when a chalazion decided to pop up on my eyelid. Boy was this painful, and it made my dry eyes feel a lot worse. My dry eye specialist recommended I come in for an IPL (intense pulse light) session. Chalazions can last up to a month. Some people have to have an injection of a steroid to help treat it. That doesn't sound like a fun time to me.1

IPL has really helped my dry eyes, especially with inflammation, so this made sense that IPL could help with my chalazion. I had IPL done on a Tuesday, and by Saturday it was completely gone. No more tearing, painful redness, or inflammation was to be found! I can say that thanks to IPL.

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