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Describe Your Average Day Managing Dry Eye?

Recently Ava shared what an average day of managing dry eye looks like for her (

Lots of interesting stuff there. Curious if others want to share what an average day of managing dry eye looks like.

  1. I usually start with a warm compress. Then onto the three eye drops, 5 minutes apart. Then I use the iTear 100 for 60 seconds on each side of my nose. Then I do the tyrvaya nasal spray. If my eyes are really dry i'll wear my moisture chamber goggles for a few hours.

    1. how do know if ITear or the tyrvaya spray is what is actually helping you?

    2. Hi Carley! I feel like with dry eye all the tools I am using help somewhat in different ways. My doctor did measure my tear break up time before and after starting the itear and Tyrvaya. Initially they were 3 seconds and now they are 6.

  2. Thanks, that's really good helpful advice

    1. I start my days cleaning my eyelids with tea tree wipes recommended by my doctor. I use GenTeal eyedrops and then use the Bruder microwaveable eye mask for 10 minutes. I reapply drops at noon. After dinner I use the Bruder mask again and reapply drops. At bedtime I use GenTeal gel drops. Sharon Moore team member

      1. very nice! It doesn't seem too complicated, although I know it can sometimes be a pain to put in eye drops. Thanks for sharing. -Ava, team

    2. my morning starts with my microwaveable mask for up to ten minutes. This is followed by two sets of drops, at least five minutes apart, possibly longer. I keep my eyes closed for a minute after I put each lot of drops in. I'm supposed to follow this procedure four times a day. To manage my dry eye I also don't go outside of the house without good sunglasses, and usually a visor or hat to keep the wind and sun off my face. I take my drops with me wherever I go. The drops don't have preservatives, so I can use them as often as I like. If I go to a cafe after my walk, I choose a seat out of the flow of the air-conditioning or heating. If that isn't possible, I've been known to ask them to adjust the flow of the air-con or turn it off! For the rest of the day I make sure my tv and electronic devices aren't too bright, probably turning on the blue light filter if possible. I make sure I wear protective glasses if I'm doing any cleaning with "strongish" chemicals, but I usually try to avoid chemicals and opt for vinegar and bicarb soda when possible. If I'm going to read for a while in the afternoon, I make sure I do my mask and drops beforehand, so I can enjoy the book for a reasonable amount of time before my eyes start to feel uncomfortable. Television in the evening is a challenge, and I turn down the brightness even more. I can't sit near the air-con, once again, so I heat or cool the room beforehand, and then turn it off. If my eyes get too sore, I go to bed, after using my mask and drops again. These steps help me get through the day.

      1. can I ask what eye drops you use?

      2. my doctor prescribed Nova Tears which have an oily type of feel. She also prescribed HyLo Fresh which are lubricating drops. Both are preservative-free but are in bottles, not vials. I'm in Australia and I'm not sure if they're available worldwide. She also asked me to use a warm, moist facemask. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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