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Checking In: How Are You?

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing?

How are your dry eye symptoms right now? Has the change in seasons to spring impacted your symptoms?

  1. Spring is in all its glory but my allergies are bad right now. It definitely makes my dry eyes worse. Sharon Moore team

    1. I feel like I could have wrote the same thing! Allergies are pretty brutal right now for me as well. I'm sorry you're feeling the allergy pain too! Not sure if it's the same for you but I feel like mine have gotten much worse in the past couple of years, when it didn't used to as much. But at least Spring is here! - Reggie, team member

  2. Allergies are rough for dry eye. We have had abnormally cold weather also. Between that and the allergies it's rough right now. Hoping to turn a corner soon.

    1. Thanks for checking in! My eyes are better with higher humidity, but suffering a bit from all the allergens in the air. I'm also trying to wear sunscreen more often (due to lupus) and it's hurting my eyes so much! Definitely need to find a solution before summer - and the sun - starts hitting hard. -Ava, team

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