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How Long Did It Take You to Get Diagnosed With Chronic Dry Eye?

Although not always the case, receiving an official chronic dry eye diagnosis can take a while for many people. From the time you first noticed your dry eye symptoms, how long did it take for you to receive your chronic dry eye diagnosis?

  1. It was three years for me. It began with my cataract surgery and YAG procedure. I was diagnosed during my annual eye exam by my optometrist. Sharon Moore team member

    1. Your cataract surgery had something to do with it? I know my ophthalmologist said my cataract surgery, when my cataracts are ready, will be more difficult because of my dry eyes.

    2. I just know that following my cataract surgery and subsequent YAG laser procedure I developed dry eye symptoms. In hindsight I would have delayed my cataract surgery until it had more of an impact on my vision. My major complaint was glare and I could have lived with it. You and your ophthalmologist will be able to determine the right time for surgery. It’s important to protect your eyes with sunglasses from the sun as a major factor in cataract surgery. Warm wishes, Sharon Moore Patient Leader

  2. I have had this problem for at least five years. My ophthalmologist seemed to treat my macular degeneration very seriously, but brushed over the dry eyes. Only recently has she confirmed my diagnosis of chronic dry eye and paid more attention to this condition. So, yes, it did take a long time. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. Wendy your experience echos my own. I had a difficult time getting my retinal specialist to help with my chronic dry eye condition. It was only when I saw a different retinal specialist that was also a DO versus MD that I got help. Sharon Moore team member

      1. Mine was diagnosed quite quickly. Because of some medication that I've taken for my RA, I was required to have eye exams to check my retinas every 6 months for the last 25+ years! I was lucky and had a wonderful ophthalmologist that believed in treating any problems as soon as they started bothering me! He is very aggressive and I love that!

        1. your ophthalmologist sounds great. His approach of jumping on things as soon as they occur shows he cares about you and doesn't want you to suffer with anything you don't have to. You've found a doctor who's a good fit for you! Warm wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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