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How much time spent managing dry eye daily?

On an average day, how much time would you say you spend managing dry eye? (E.g., dealing with symptoms, following your eye care routine, etc.).

  1. On an average day, I spend 30-40 minutes. Most of that time is spent using my Bruder eye mask. Applying drops rounds out my routine. Sharon Moore Patient Leader

    1. 23 minutes of heat compression

      1. Thanks for sharing! It's great that you have a routine and are able to take that time for yourself to help manage the dry eye symptoms. - Reggie, team member

    2. 23 min of hea compression

      1. I wake up claening my face and lashes, then I use the heat to extract any build up on the lids of my eyes, then I moisturize the eyes. Then the medication for glaucoma. I use drop nunmber 1, wait 10 minutes use drop number 2 then wait another 10 minutes for drop number three. Oh I fogot before drop number three I use a mosturizing drop so it does not burn my eye so badly. Then I get sleepy and that's my day. Amazing right

        1. your routine sounds exhausting. Do you have to do the drops more than once daily? What method you use to apply heat? I use a Bruder eye ask twice daily. I hope your treatment plan is keeping your eyes comfortable. Warm regards, Sharon Moore Patient Leader

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