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Do you struggle to drive with chronic dry eye?

For many it can be difficult to drive with chronic dry eye - especially at night. (

For those who struggle driving, what tips do you have for others? Do you have any questions about night driving or experiences you want to share?

  1. When my eyes are feeling very dry they tend to get blurry. This especially true at night time, as the day goes on my eyes get tired and even more dry!

    1. my chronic dry eye condition causes blurring and occasional double vision. Keeping my eyes lubricated helps. My biggest tip is to wear polarized sunglasses. They sharpen my vision by improving contrast. Sharon Moore team member

      1. Driving is so hard with CDE sometimes. I got transition glasses so that I am not as sensitive to the sun while driving. I also try to make sure my eyes are lubricated before I get behind the wheel.

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