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Which Treatments Have You Used?

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to treating chronic dry eye. What works for some, may not work for others. So far, which treatments have you tried in an effort to manage your chronic dry eye symptoms? In your experience, have any worked better than others you have used?

  1. Gel drops at night and using a microwaveable eye pad daily help me the most.
    Sharon, team member

    1. I tried every over the counter eye drops, plus a few very expensive RX ones with very little relief! For a few years Restasis helped. Then I got Blethoraspams, which added to my problems! My eye doctor put me on blood serum eye drops, which are made from my own blood! No preservatives and nothing to be allergic to! They are the only eye drops that actually work for my dry eyes! They are expensive and you have to have a pharmacy that can compound them, but they are worth every penny! My eye doctor sent me to a Neurologist to get Botox shots around my eyes for the Blethoraspams, which help a lot. I've had to change some things in my lifestyle to keep from setting off the spasms. Being outside in bright sunshine or breeze will set them off. So I have to wear very dark wrap around sun glasses. Same with driving. Can't have air vents blowing on me. (Which is a real bitch living in Texas in the summer!) I had to quit wearing make up, especially on my eyes and be careful which creams and soaps I use. Biggest hurtle has been keeping myself CALM! I suffer from depression and anxiety and getting all bent out of shape can cause the spasms to come on. If I do get into a tizzy, I have some eye massage visors that warm and massage my eyes. My eyes are slowly getting better, which is a blessing!

      1. thank you so much for sharing your experience with the community. I am happy that you were able to get relief using the blood serum drops. I understand all about the Texas heat as I live in south eastern Oklahoma and it’s very hot here also. Air conditioning or ceiling fans blowing on me can cause my dry eye condition to become worse. I hope you improvement continues. Best wishes, Sharon Moore team member Chronic

    2. I tried all sorts of treatments for my dry eye, starting from taking antibiotics, several eye drops but nothing helped me. I got immediate relief but it kept coming back. My nephew suggested referring to and it worked out for me. The herbal eye drop made from aloe vera gel and rose water has really helped me.

      1. it seems a common occurrence that people find some treatments give them immediate relief, but only for a while and then the symptoms return. I'm pleased to hear that you have found the type of herbal eye drops that have helped you. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

    3. Thanks for sharing . As you know, finding the right treatment can be really difficult with chronic dry eye. I'm glad you found some relief. 💜 -Reggie, team member

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