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What unusual treatments methods have you used for dry eye?

I found it unusual when someone suggested I use saran wrap on my eyes at night. It took me a good three months until I was finally miserable enough to try it! It's what I use now and I am not waking up at night putting drops in. Has anyone else used something they thought was kind of odd in the beginning?

This video shows how to use Glad Press’n Seal to help dry eyes at nighttime:

  1. Thermalon heat packs have worked best for me. Heat in micro 40 sec. Hold hot pack til cool instant relief!

    1. this is a great idea! I thought about getting those for vacations!

  2. I got the Bruder (Is that spelled right?) it's the same. Heat it up and let it sit on your eyes. Awesome! According to my doc, it helps release natural oils and such in the glands. I love it.

    1. I’m glad that you like the Bruder mask too! It’s my go to mask twice a day. It makes my eyes feel better!

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