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How a Good Quality Humidifier Can Help With Dry Eyes

I’ve used humidifiers in my house for as long as I can remember. At first, this was mostly due to the skin conditions I deal with, including topical steroid withdrawal and eczema. However, I didn’t realize how important they would be for my chronic dry eyes. And it certainly took some trial and error to find the right one.

Trial and error and almost giving up

I used to get the regular one room humidifiers, like the popular Vick’s kind, but they didn’t do too well for me in the long run. I didn't quite like the shape as it made it hard to clean, and caused them to get moldy over time. This always caused more problems than it helped. I went through a couple different kinds of those, until giving up on them entirely.

After that, I remember trying a little personal sized humidifier. I had it next to my bed, but it didn’t seem to do much. After all, it was tiny. There was barely any mist even coming out of it. For me, it ended up being a waste of money at the time.

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Finding the right humidifier for me and my eyes

Finally, a few years back, with my dad's help, I purchased a full house sized humidifier. This one fits 10 gallons of water. Yes, it can get annoying filling up the 5 gallon buckets, especially when going through a flare up and feeling weaker than usual. But the 10 gallons typically lasts about 2 days, and the quality of the humidifier is absolutely worth it.

Of course, every year, I still have to clean the whole thing - a few times. (I usually just “power wash” it in the tub, to make it easier on myself). This helps prevent any mold, bacteria, etc. from getting into it. I also purchase a couple boxes of filters every year, so that I am prepared for the entire winter. Two boxes of 4 filters each typically lasts me the entire winter and usually have one left over to get the next winter started.

A must have for winter

This humidifier finally keeps the humidity in my house at a constant, and I don’t have to worry about mold or any other issues with it. So far, it’s treated me well. If there is a problem with the filter and it has run its course, I can typically smell it right away, and just clean and replace it. I have noticed a huge change with the humidifier when it comes to not only my skin now, but my dry eyes as well. If I forget to refill the water for any reason when I am busy, I feel the dryness in my eyes more right away. That fun gritty, itchy feeling returns immediately. It’s incredible how quickly the change happens and how much of an impact it makes.

With the drier weather, more heating, and winter in full force – this is one of my must haves for my overall health, and a big part of that is my skin and my dry eyes.

Of course, the full house humidifiers tend to be more costly, but they are absolutely worth it to me. This one has lasted me for years now, after wasting money and time on small ones that never did a thing for me. It’s become a staple in my household, and we all notice a difference if it isn’t turned on. Preparing for winter with dry eye can be difficult, but having a good quality humidifier to depend on certainly makes it easier.

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