Instagram Live: Ask the Optometrists

Sometimes, one of the challenges of managing chronic dry eye is finding reputable information. To help rectify that obstacle, we are hosting a new Instagram Live event where you can get your questions answered by optometrists in real-time!

Instagram live event: Ask the Optometrists

  1. What: Ask the Optometrists – Answering all dry eye questions and sharing insights into strategies for people with dry eye to receive better care
  2. Who: Optometrists Dr. Essence Johnson and Dr. Jacobi Cleaver
  3. When: Thursday, March 17, 5 pm EST
  4. Where: The event will take place on Instagram! Follow @chronicdryeye_hu

Frequently asked questions

How can I get my question answered? You can ask questions during the Instagram live event. You also can submit your questions to our optometrists in advance.Is this event free? Yes! All you need is an Instagram account to participate.How do I actually join the Instagram live? Go to our Instagram account @chronicdryeye_hu and click on the "Join Live" button that will appear only on Thursday, March 17 at 5 pm EST.Can I get a reminder? Yes! In the bio of our Instagram account, you will see "Live video: Ask the Optometrists Instagram Live." Click that and press the blue "Remind Me" button to receive a notification that will remind you a day before and 15 minutes before the event start time on Thursday, March 17, at 5 pm EST.

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