Our Interviews With Chronic Dry Eye Community Members

No person's experience with chronic dry eye is the same. Whether dealing with symptoms, trying different treatments, or managing the emotional impact, everyone has a unique story to tell.

That is why we asked community members to share their personal experiences with chronic dry eye. You have described trying to find the right doctor – or just getting someone to listen to your concerns, which can be a challenge in and of itself. You told us what it is like to talk to others about dry eye, and what you wish others knew. And you shared the ups and downs of your journey, from going through unsuccessful treatments to finding ones that worked for you.

Here, we look back on the experiences some of you have shared.

Your stories

Spotlight: LeTysha

LeTysha recalls the pain her eyes were in while working a temp job that involved lots of paper particles and dust. She also shares how a challenge now is making sure she has enough of her prescription eye drops.

Spotlight: Barby

Barby recalls what it felt like to finally be heard after doctors initially dismissed her symptoms.

Spotlight: Annie-Danielle

Annie-Danielle talks about trying different treatments, including artificial tears without conservation agents, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory drops, and lacrimal plugs.

Spotlight: Anna Samson

Anna talks about their struggles with light sensitivity – and how they first thought this was just the norm.

Spotlight: Diana

Diana shares her journey of trying to find the right doctor, and highlights how chronic dry eye often comes along with autoimmune disorders.

Spotlight: Black EyeCare Perspective

Doctors Essence Johnson and Jacobi Cleaver talk about their work with Black EyeCare Perspective, an organization that helps facilitate better dialogue between eye care professionals and the Black community.

Spotlight: Anna Williams

Anna talks about dealing with both chronic dry eye and chronic cluster headaches.

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