My Nighttime Dry Eye Routine

It seems as though my chronic dry eyes really start to take their toll around 6 in the evening. Though, they do bug me all throughout the day. I am sure that it has something to do with screen-time, reading, and the many other things we use our eyes for.

When I was first diagnosed with dry eye, sleeping and waking up were very painful things to do. My ophthalmologist did a light test on eye lids and determined I moderate lagophthalmos. Which meant, I did not close my eye lids all the way when sleeping. I was able to establish a good routine before bed, and here it is!

Moisture goggles

Now at first, the idea of sleeping in goggles was daunting. I was frustrated that I needed to add one more thing to this dry eye journey. I can say, I am glad I did!

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They are made out of silicone with a soft cloth-like strap. I spray them with a hypochlorous acid spray and put them on. I usually wake up with moisture inside the goggles, and they keep any kind of draft out. It did take a while to keep them on, because sometimes I would take them off not knowing while I was sleeping. After a few weeks, I want them to stay on because they do help.

Cool mist humidifier

This was one of the first things my ophthalmologist recommended for a first line treatment. I did a lot of searching on Amazon and picked one out that had the best ratings. I fill it up at night with cool water, and it lasts the entire night. It helps a lot with dryness, and my family noticed, too.

We now have humidifiers in all rooms and bought an industrial-sized one for down in the living room. I even have a mini one in my car. We live in a dry climate and I notice this helps a lot, especially during the hot summer months.

Nighttime eye ointment

If you go to the wellness stores or even the big box stores, you will probably be overwhelmed by the eye care section. There are so many options and brands to choose from. I wish I had a magic list of what would work for you, but I don’t. It took a lot of trial and error and money.

I found that the gel type of eye drop didn’t last all night for me. I apply a good amount to my eye, and that will usually last me until the morning. Sometimes I may need a couple drops of artificial tears throughout the night, but overall the ointment helps a tremendous amount.

Helping with sleep

I hope that this was of some help to anyone out there struggling, especially at night. Sleep is so important, and if we are not getting a restful night sleep, that really seems to affect my eyes. Just know, there are options out there to help, and sometimes it takes a little bit to find the right product for you!

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