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Has anyone tried the Biotrue eye drops?

I have been through the ringer with over the counter dry eye eye drops throughout the years. I had finally settled on the preservative free vials of Systane, but I didn't feel like they were helping that much. These things are kind of pricey, and the ones being recommended to me as alternatives were even more expensive.

Plus, I couldn't keep them stocked logistically. In a two story house - with two young children - they were never within my reach when I needed them. Plus, I felt like I was wasting some of each vial because I didn't need all the liquid they hold.

So I found Biotrue® Hydration Boost Eye Drops - which are preservative free eye drops in a bottle! I thought it was too good to be true! I took it to my eye doctor and he said he thought they were great. I've been using them for about a month and I have to say they feel very lubricating. So far everything is going well for my eyes while using them. The bottle is kind of hard to squeeze, however.

Has anyone ever heard of preservative free eye drops in a bottle, or tried this brand specifically?

  1. I have preservative-free drops in a bottle. I'm not keen on the little vials either. My bottle would last six months but I'll finish it in a month, and has one of the same ingredients as yours - sodium hyaluronate. It has a pump action which I find easy to use. I'll try to upload a photo. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing this with me! I find it reassuring to know that that the bottle style has been around for a bit and working for others with chronic dry eye. Does the bottle say hylo-forte? I'm trying to find it online to read about and found Hylo-Care. While I like the biotrue ones, I'd love to have more options, especially if they are easier to squeeze. I go through mine pretty fast as well! -Ava, team

    2. Ava, I'm attaching a link to more information about these drops. I didn't know this type of bottle had been around for a while. It seems to be new to Australia. Wendy, Advocate.

  2. I have osteoporosis arthritis in my hands and squeezing some bottles is difficult for me. You can find a device like this picture at most pharmacies to help get the drops out. Best wishes, Sharon Moore team memberAid

    1. wow! I'm so grateful that there seem to be accommodating devices for just about everything these days! That's awesome. I have lupus arthritis and always have some degree of problems with my hands on any given day. Thank you very much for taking the time to share this with me. -Ava, team

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