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Dry eye

Hello, I'm Dr. Craig Fleming an optometrist who specializes in dry eye. Recently I've been asked how to treat dry, irritated, fatigued, and/or red eyes naturally. I'm considering putting together a free video where I'll teach you everything I know about how to treat dry eye naturally. I want to make sure it is as comprehensive as possible. Would anyone be interested in something like this? If so, please reply yes and I will send you a survey privately to fill out. Thank you.

  1. Hi all - I am an admin with the ChronicDryEye community and want to share that in this instance, this community member has prior permission from us to post.

    Warmly - Reggie, team member

    1. I am definetely interested. I have a pinguecula in my eyes, so my dry eyes are bad.

      1. Would love any suggestions. Feel like I've used about everything. Considering purchasing the quantum device but not sure how to get it. Tried through my own optometrist and he isn't willing to help.

        1. a visit to an ophthalmologist or dry eye specialist might be in order. My optometrist is very knowledgeable and willing to treat my dry eyes. Other optometrist may not have the expertise needed to treat chronic dry eyes. I have not tried the quantum device. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

      2. yes please.

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