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Dry eye only when driving and watching tv

I only seem to experience Dry Eye when I am driving and when I am watching TV. I don’t experience it most other times and surprisingly don’t experience it at all when working on my computer or iPhone for hours on end.

Over-the-counter eyedrops and punctal plugs did not help. Can anyone who shares this situation share any treatments or otherwise that seem to help?

  1. when driving either the heat or AC can dry your eyes when the vents blow directly on you. Are you seated near an air vent when watching tv? It’s common for your eyes to feel dry when on a computer or phone for extended times. I am glad that isn’t the case for you. Some people wear goggles in situations where wind or airflow is a problem. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. thanks for the thoughts. In both cases (tv and driving) there are no vent or airflow factors. Trying to understand what makes those two situations unique Vs other screen situations (computer text, cell phone and websites) that don’t bother me

    2. I wish you the best as you search for answers. Sharon, Patient Leader

  2. Hello Markb,

    I had exactly the same situation as you. I had discomfort only when watching TV and driving car. I was only using eye drops.
    It was like that for almost a year, then suddenly it progressed rapidly and within a month I had my eyes closed for half of a day. It was impossible for me to drive a car.
    Two weeks ago I started using heated mask twice a day and it is helping me a lot.
    It's much better now but I think I shouldn't have waited for so long to start some other treatment other than eye drops.
    Right now I'm waiting for IPL in hope that this will help me in the long run.

    1. t the banks for sharing your experience. I have been using the heated masks for about 3 weeks now but that hasn’t really helped me yet. I started an Rx Restasis a couple of weeks ago but no real improvement there yet though it could take a few months they say. Going for the LipiFlow treatment end of May which supposedly expedites the results of months of masking. Hope something helps since driving and tv watching are important.

    2. my doctor said the more often you use the mask the better it works. Please let us know how the Lipiflow treatment works out for you. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

  3. I have been suffering with dry eyes for almost 6 years. It has gotten so bad that I was not a le to watch TV or drive.

    I tried every drop on the market and did every treatment including lipiflow. Nothing really helped me. My daughter got me a Wizard electric heated eye mask and my life has changed. I only used it for one week and I am back to driving and watching TV

    1. Sandra - thanks for sharing your experience. Interesting to hear from someone with the same driving and tv experience. I’ve been on the heated mask for about 2 months now with no relief yet. Had LipiFlow treatment about a week ago and they say it might take 6 weeks to see the improvement. Since nothing has helped so far I don’t have high expectations. I might try the mask you suggest but it sounds similar to what I am already using. Would be interested to know if you had tried other masks before this one or why in your 6 years no one had suggested to you to try a heated mask as a treatment measure? A dramatic improving in just 1 week is impressive so I wonder what makes the Wizard mask different?

      1. my Bruder microwaveable mask stays warm for 10 minutes. I have tried the usb masks and the one I tried was not comfortable. Where did you find the Wizard mask? Just a word of caution about higher temperatures. It is possible to damage your eyes if it gets too hot. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

      2. Yes I actually checked with many dry eye professionals and they told me to just use the wizard mask. If you are able to get the microwave mask to work for ten minutes then that is also a wonderful solution. It just wouldn't maintain the heat for me and I was running up and down the stairs to the microwave constantly.

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