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Washing Bruder Eye Compress

For those who use a Bruder eye compress, how often do you wash it? I handwash and air dry mine whenever I notice it getting a bit dirty, but was wondering if I should be doing it at regular intervals?

  1. I wash mine when I notice it is getting soiled. The instructions recommend hand washing but I have found that it washes just fine in the washing machine. I do put it in a lingerie bag to wash and let it air dry. To keep mine from getting so soiled I use a thin washcloth between the mask and my skin. Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. I had no idea you could still machine wash it. I was always to scared of damaging it to try. I'm so excited to throw it in the washing machine from now on. Handwashing the eye compress is hard with arthritis and I would dread having to do it. Thanks for the tip!

    2. I do protect it in a lingerie bag and hang to dry. It works for mine. Sharon, patient leader

  2. I use Bronner's organic soap unscented and use my fingers to wash it. I wash it when I can see that it's visibly dirty, about every 2 weeks for me!

    1. thanks for the advice!

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