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What dry-eye-friendly makeup products do you use?

Since developing chronic dry eye, I have learned about all of the potentially harmful ingredients that I was putting on my face – and even on my sensitive eyes. So I started reading labels, and I found a few products that work for me. I wrote an article on my favorite dry-eye-friendly makeup products here:

Here is a clinical article about the link between dry eye and make up:

What are your favorite products?

  1. during Covid and wearing a mask, I stopped wearing makeup at all except for special occasions. When I do wear a bit of mascara I like Cover Girl Clean. Sharon Moore, Patient Leader

    1. I have been so scared to wear makeup again!! I have heard of a brand called Eyes are the story but it's spendy and I feel like I already spend so much on my eyes and I do the serum tears 8 times a day. So I feel like my makeup would be ruined anyways.

      1. I like this mascara because it pretty much rinses off just with water. I do go over my lids with my Soothe Wipes from the Toyos clinic to get any residue off after I wash with water and a Makeup Eraser towel.

      2. perfect, I just ordered that towel! Thank you for the help. 😀

    2. Thank you for this!!! So helpful. I have been using Ilia Beauty which is also a clean brand. I have purchased the volumizing mascara, the finishing powder, and serum skin tint. I tried eyes are the story mascara and I felt like my eyes were irritable - it felt like I had cotton in my eyes!! If you check out the Ilia Beauty brand let me know what you think 😀

      1. both I believe depending on where you live! I purchased onelone from Sephora

      2. thanks! Sharon Moore Patient leader

    3. I just decided to give up eye makeup. @Erica

      1. That's good in such situations.

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