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Dry Eye Awareness Month 2023

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month! This is a time where we help increase awareness of dry eye, while also educating the public about symptoms and treatment options for dry eye.

Dry eye community insights

To help raise awareness of what life with dry eye is really like, we asked the community questions about their experiences.

Dry eye symptoms

How long did your eyes bother you before you realized something was definitely wrong?

  • “Mine was so bad my eyelids itched and flaked. I was offered a scrub and creams. Finally prescription eye drops. Best relief I’ve had has been since cataract surgery, which was scheduled and done this year. I’m sure it wasn’t the surgery but the drops that were used before and after. I’ll be very proactive in the future.” – Valaree W.
  • “About one year. My doctor diagnosed mine. My eyelids started smarting or slightly stinging a little, and he checked me he said I was an extreme case.” – David D.
  • “A month. Ended up with eroded corneas, and it was very painful.” – Heidi P

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Lifestyle changes due to dry eye

What has been the most surprising change in your life due to dry eye?

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  • “Dealing with the severe redness.” – Jean V.
  • “I just recently had a full eye exam. I was surprised my dryness test came back with better results than they were before. The eye doctor said my numbers were 287, and he said my last visit my number was 298. He mentioned 300+ is considered very severe dry eye. But my eyes still bother me, and I have cataracts in both eyes but the right is worse. I also have some glaucoma. But the doctor said no treatments are yet needed.” – David D.

Dry eye diagnosis

At what age were you diagnosed with chronic dry eye?

  • “11 years old” – Katie P.
  • “Early in the 80s when still in my 30s, as primary Sjogren's syndrome.” – Jeanne P.
  • “Late 60s” – Donna S.
  • “Age 69, after cataract surgery. It comes and goes. I am also now sensitive to undereye creams.” – Ginny P.

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Tips for managing dry eye

If you could go back in time before being diagnosed with dry eye and tell yourself one thing, what would you say?

  • “Maybe not have gone to bed with my eye makeup. I didn't know I had dry eye until after cataract surgery, and it sucks.” – Violet M.
  • “Push for glaucoma surgery earlier” – Kelly E.
  • “Don’t try Latisse. And yes, you really do have to take off all your makeup every night.” – Felicia M.

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Dry eye awareness community poll

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How do you refer to your condition?

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When are your dry eye symptoms most severe?

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I have tried punctal plugs:

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I struggle to afford my dry eye treatments:

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