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Dry Eye, Allergies, and My Worst Symptom

About a year ago I started noticing changes to my eye sight (I had Lasik done in 2006 and have had 20/15 since!!) So last September when I started noticing that my vision was blurry something didn't feel right. In literally a few months I had the worst eye pain, gritty feeling to my eyes, heavy eyelids, severe light sensativity/glare and of course the blurriness. I went to 3 different ophthalmologists who told me that my eyes are 100% healthy and that I see extremely well and to just put artificial tears for the dryness. It was very very frustrating!!

I started researching A LOT about my symptoms and realized I needed to find a dry eye specialist (I live in Europe so wasnt sure if they even existed) Fast forward a year later, after seeing all the past doctors who did nothing, I finally found a dry eye specialist who examined my condition was noted I had MGD and papillary conjunctivitis (tiny bumps under my upper eyelids likely due to some sort of allergy since I hadnt worn co tacts in over 15yrs!) that were causing my DES. I did in office procedures with a heating device (heating goggles) and MG extraction for a few months which was wonderful..I felt like my vision was 100% back with no symptoms...but the effects would only last a few months at a time. Started Restasis (just completed my 3rd month) and I can say that the only symptoms that are still lingering are occasional blurriness and light sensativity/glare (but not as intense as before I even knew I had DES). Hoping by 6 months things improve even more. I am curious about a few things:

1) has anyone here have (or has had) papillary conjunctivitis and how was it treated in your case?

2) my most annoying symptom is light sensativity/glare especially during dusk hours outside...has anyone experienced this and what has worked to help with symptoms? I notice if I put sunglasses on my eyes definitly feel more relaxed but it's frustrating to have this symptom as soon as I step outside.

3) also would love to hear experiences with IPL as I am considering doing for my MGD.

So glad to have found this community! Thanks for all the help!

  1. i am glad your shared your journey with chronic dry eyes with our community. I share many of you symptoms, especially light sensitivity. I wear Cocoon brand fit over sunglasses that help immensely. They make a pair for nighttime that are also helpful on in rain or fog. I can feel little bumps on my upper eyelids when I clean my eyelashes but have never mentioned them to the doctor. Thanks for sharing, Sharon Moore Patient Leader

    1. Hi Sofia! So at the beginning of my dry eye journey I was also diagnosed with papillary cojunctivitis. I did wear contacts for several years. They did put me on an eye drop and a steriod. When I finally found my dry eye specialist, she told me she did not see the papillary conjunctivitis. So that was confusing. I also deal with light sensitivity. I wear sunglasses outside but try not to inside as that can make the sensitivity worse, I haven't found a remedy to this. I have had 16 ipl's and can say that it does help with MGD! I had severe MGD and after IPL it is categorized at mild now. It helps with the puffiness too. IPL has been the biggest help with my dry eye.

      1. Thank you so much Amanda! I really want to try IPL as well but my DE specialist wants to see if the Restasis is working first before we take the next step (been on it 3.5 months so far). I did see her 2 days ago and both the allergic conjunctivitis and my DE seemed quite mild so it does seem Restasis is working. I also feel that my eyes are much more comfortable lately but with winter coming I do worry things will get worse. What eye drop were you using for the papillary conjunctivitis? @ amanda

        1. I can understand that! Winter time is always worse for me, it must be the heat and then the cold! I am glad that the restasis seems to be working for you. I believe they put me on a steroid called FML flourometholone, I hope I spelled that right.

      2. Grretings Sofia I definitely feel your pain. I was diagnosed years ago with CDE and many other eye problems but by far CDE has been my worst diagnosis. You must hold on through this as I try to from day to day and make sure you follow us through the threads to get suggestions on treatment as you speak with your specialist. We’re all in this together.

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