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Additional Eye Conditions

In addition to chronic dry eye, what other eye conditions are you experiencing (or have experienced in the past)?

  1. I have had macular degeneration for approximately 6 years now. Sharon Moore, chronic dry team member.

    1. Yes it's definitely unfortunately common comorbidity of chronic dry eye. Thanks for sharing! For those interested, here is a list of other common comorbidities associated with chronic dry eye ( - Reggie, Team Member

  2. I have always had one eye which is nearsighted and one eye which is farsighted. They compensate for each other and I don't realise that this is the case when I use both eyes. So in a way, I'm lucky with this because I haven't needed glasses for long distance or for reading until recently. Not so lucky is the fact that I also have macular degeneration, still in early/intermediate stage. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. I have Blethoraspams! Anyone else have those? I get Botox shots around my eyes that help some.

      1. I also have the Blethoraspams. Right now I am trying to decide whether to get the shots again. The fact that it only lasts three months and costs me $300 for the Botox and $150 for the five minutes it takes for the injections, I don't have the money to pay for that. My insurance only pay a tiny portion of the doctor fee. The shots do help some but I sure wish it would last longer. I also have chronic dry eyes and Parkinsons disease which makes it a bit more challenging. Good luck to you. Elaine

      2. thank you for sharing your situation with us and with @Melody. I just wanted to say that we're thinking of you and wish you all best in coping with your health issues. Wendy, Advocate.

    2. Hi Elaine,
      I do agree that botox does help me some also! Too bad insurance doesn't pay much, it can be so expensive. Thank you for sharing.

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