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Eye redness

Do you find that your redness varies day to day? Some days my redness is good and light but some days they are so red. I can’t seem to find a correlation.

  1. It's so frustrating. Eyes are beet red every morning but some afternoons it varies.

    1. that’s how mine are. There’s no rhyme or reason somedays. It’s almost baffling.

    2. @DryeyeSam thank you! I don’t have those conditions except chronic dry eye but I will look into them!

  2. , There can be several reasons for eye redness. Most common would be because you have been rubbing them. This is because you have been looking at computer screens, TV, and anything that emits light for a prolonged amount of time. Your eyes are not used to it and so it irritates their surface and the blood vessels expand and make it red.
    Some time ago I also faced eyes redness and experienced pain, then I consulted with a doctor through Ongo Care telehealth. The doctor connected with me immediately because it was like some pieces of mirrors in my eyes. He suggested I change my glass's lens number. After I changed my glasses lens I am better from red eyes and I am not rubbing my eyes.

    1. thank you! I do tend to have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes when they are itchy.

  3. Yes

    1. Yes

      1. When that happens and you are seeing that redness on a day where it shows up heavily, are there any remedies you usually try? - Reggie, team member

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