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Need help

My eye doctor just keeps telling me I have dry eyes. I have told him my vision is getting worse but he says I don't need my glasses prescription changed. I'm thinking about going to an ophthalmologist but don't know how to choose one for extreme dry eyes. I just found this group. Help!

  1. an ophthalmologist would be a great choice to provide care for your dry eye condition. If you do a google search for “dry eye specialist “ it should give you what is available in your area. In my experience my blurring is caused primarily by dry eyes. My optometrist told me that a change in prescription could not help in this case. I hope that you are able to find a specialist to help you with a treatment plan that works for you. Best wishes, Sharon Moore team member

    1. Thank you so much Sharon! I really need help. It hurts to open my eyes in the morning and my eyes are really blurred right now and hurting. I've already put drops in. I'm going to make a decision on someone today and make an appointment. Thanks again!!

      1. I am glad that you were going to see someone as soon as possible to help you with your dry condition. I had a problem with my eyelid sticking to my eyes overnight making it difficult to open and painful. I found that using gel drops at night kept that from happening. When you see your doctor he will make a recommendation for drops. Sharon Moore team member

    2. Thank you Sharon. I left a message at a doctor office yesterday and they never called back. I may try someone else today.

      1. good luck getting into a doctor to help you with a treatment plan. Please let us know how things work out for you. Best wishes, Sharon Moore team member

    3. Hi , I'm sorry to read below that the doctor didn't call back when you tried - that's so frustrating. I just wanted to check back in and see if you were able to find another one? Do you live in the US? If you have vision insurance coverage, looking for a specialist through them may be the best option, if you haven't found one yet. -Nina ( Team Member)

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