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Summer vs. Winter

Do you find that a certain season is worse on your dry eyes. Or is there a season that actually helps relieve your dry eyes?

  1. I can’t say any season is better for my dry eyes. Seasonal allergies both fall and winter are a problem for me. I would say winter when we use forced dry heat is worse for me. Sharon Moore team member

    1. @Wendy Toogood Thank you for your feedback! I can relate to the air conditioning and how much it affects my eyes. I use these covers on on my vents that routes the air in a different direction.

      1. They are magnetic and just cling to the air vent!

        1. Winter is worse outdoors and summer is worse indoors. I think it's due to the cooling and dehumidification of the cold weather and air conditioning.

          1. that is very true. Where I live, in the summer humidity gets down to 7%. It can be really hard.

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