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Computer Screens Killing me . I quit on life.

I am experiencing a serious issue with my eyes when I look at the screen, but I don't face any problems when I read books. I also have a problem with light sensitivity when exposed to fluorescent light, which causes glare. After looking at the screen for just 5 minutes, my eyes start to feel very tired and strained. I also feel that the muscles around my temples are stretched and tense. If I continue to stare at the screen for more than 15-20 minutes, my muscles around my forehead and neck get very tired and stretched, and I am unable to focus on anything, not even reading a book. I feel like I can't think anymore, and the only way to get relief from this state is to lie down on the bed and do continuous forced yawning until the muscles around my eyes and forehead are relaxed. Only then can I sleep and carry out other activities. However, my yawning is not natural, and I can feel hot air coming from my mouth whenever I stare at the screen. I can easily read books for 8-9 hours, but whenever I look at a screen, be it a computer, TV, or mobile phone, I can't tolerate it. In my case, my eyes are not affected that much, but the muscles around my forehead and neck get very hard and stiff. It becomes difficult for me to sleep at night, and when I try to read something, I can only read one page of a book for one hour. When I go outside for a walk and do forced yawning, my vision improves, and there is some stiffness over my forehead muscles which get relaxed, and I can easily focus on anything. However, when I increase my screen time for very long periods like 1 hour, my muscles get stiff, and I have to do forced yawning, go outside, and try to sleep. For 3-4 days, I am unable to sleep, and my body doesn't get rest, resulting in very low energy levels. Even if I try to shout, the person sitting next to me can only hear me faintly, if at all. I have tried drops and vision therapy, but they haven't worked. I don't have convergence insufficiency. What should I do now?

  1. Hi - the experience you are going through is extremely painful, frustrating, and isolating. Thank you for bravely sharing. I am not a doctor so I cannot provide medical advice - but the first step would be to share what you wrote above with your doctor (if you haven't already). But what you describe brings up a potential of digital eye strain. Here is a quote from an article ( that offers more insight:

    "Looking at a computer or digital screen can make your eyes work harder than usual. Reading on a digital screen is different than reading a piece of paper. The contrast of the letters and the light on the screen may be why your eyes become strained. However, the exact cause of digital eye strain is not well understood.

    When viewing a digital screen, you blink less often. A study of 40 healthy people showed that blink rates decreased from 17 times per minute at rest to just 6 times per minute while reading on a digital screen. Blinking washes tears over the surface of the eye, keeping it moist and maintaining vision. When blinking decreases, dry eye syndrome can occur."

    Also, this article ( offers blinking exercises and massages designed for chronic dry eye. I'll wait for others to weigh in too. But I hope this helps a bit. - Warmly, Reggie, team member

    1. Hi. I use a screen shader on my computer, and it helps so much. I can change it to whatever color I want and how dark or light I need. It is just what I needed. You just go to extensions and search screen shader and download. Easy. I can sympathize with you on how bad your eyes get. It seems like a never ending battle with the drops. I was going to look for glasses, but I couldn't find any that would work inside to use on the laptop. I use amber sunglasses outside. For dark or driving, I use the yellow tinted glasses that take away the glare. They are great for nighttime. I got them on eBay for $10. I went on Baclofen for my Migraines. It is a muscle relaxer, and it helps with the facial muscles and the head. You might want to ask your doctor about it. It could help you out with your problems on the computer. I hope this helps you out. Take care.

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